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Discover a new way to control your domains, perform dns lookups and keep everything under control!

How it works

The DNSQueries.com Toolbar is the brand new tool brought to you by our Development Team, and is useful for your sysadmin all day long work, since brings you all the tools in our site always in your browser! Simply check the latest version for your browser... ›› Download

Enjoy DNSQueries tools

The DNSQueries.com Toolbar is a browser plugin that enables you to have a quick and browser integrated system connected to DNSQueries.com tools. Once you have installed it, it's easy to make tests, in fact the toolbar will give you a unique and instant access to Domain Health Check, Find IP Neighbors, DNS Query, Traceroute, Ip Locator, and many more...

Not yet satisfied? Take a look to our Help section to have a preview!

Need Help?

Our toolbar is a real piece of software developed for your use. If you need help using the toolbar, if you want to better understand all its options, you can check out the dedicated Help section.

Privacy Policy?

If you are worried about your personal data please read our Privacy Policy: here at DNSQueries.com we take your privacy very seriously!


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