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Recursive Delegation

We have the following set-up: Parent domain controller and DNS Manager for "tspace.com" on a VM with IP1. Now, we created a child domain with another domain controller and DNS Manager "lon.tspace.com" on another VM IP2. A delegation is added (by default) from tspce.com to lon.tspace.com as this has a parent-child relation. Under lon.tspace.com, added a delegation manually for gb.lon.tspace.com to two VMs (cluster) running DNS servers with IP3 & IP4. This cluster has the capability to resolve to the active one among IP3 and IP4. That logic is internal to that DNS server.

When we do a nslookup for "gb.lon.tspace.com" with dns server as IP2, it resolves corectly to the active one among IP3 & IP4 (say IP3). IP2 has forwarded the query to IP3 and IP4 and the resolution happens.
But when we do a nslookup for "gb.lon.tspace.com" with dns server as IP2, the query gets forwarded from IP1 to IP2. But IP2 doesn't forward this to IP3/IP4. Rather, it responds with both the name servers (IP3 & IP4).
When we looked at wireshark, the query from client to IP1 gies as "query recursively" but the one from IP1 to IP2 goes as "don't query recursively". This seems to the root cause.
Is there a way to enable recursiveness in this querying? All we need is when we lookup "gb.lon.tsapce.com" to IP1, it should be resolved recursively.

Please help

Charan Chaganti @ 2020-04-07 09:25:36
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