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Understanding DNS and nslookup

Im trying to understand how the DNS and nslookup work, I'm a bit confused.

This is a test setup, I have a DNS server with the IP (A VM) the DNS is configured with a zone abc.ie.

What is happening is that when I nslookup abc.ie it results with the server address of which is the IP address of the VM Workstation's default gateway, this is confusing me, is my DNS working ?

Isn't it suppose to return the DNS server address ?

The nslookup query in the screenshot above is run in Putty through which I'm logged into the DNS server as a root user, basically I'm running a DNS query on a DNS server itself, querying it's own IP.

If someone could clarify it a bit, it's really confusing.

Also if this is not the way to test it how else can I test it.

Thank You

huud @ 2018-12-29 23:25:17
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