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DNS related questions

In this forum you can post all the DNS related questions. Before asking please be sure to run the dns related tests you can find following these links: DNS Lookup, DNS Health check, DNS Traversal

Topic Replies Last post
So, whether you needSo, whether you need 0 Lucy
@2013-12-08 05:24:10
First time hosting DNSFirst time hosting DNS 3 Mohamed
@2013-09-08 14:53:11
Peak of aroung 100K DNS...Peak of aroung 100K DNS... 3 Mudahan
@2013-09-05 18:24:32
Structure of DNS records MXStructure of DNS records MX 2 Imane
@2013-09-05 17:49:55
SOA issues?SOA issues? 3 Deniz
@2013-09-03 06:52:14
how to create an smtp accounthow to create an smtp account 4 alireza gunner
@2013-08-18 04:16:34
khCevCKsYbzFkhCevCKsYbzF 1 Franky
@2013-03-12 07:57:15
serving mult. domains->web...serving mult. domains->web... 2 ztjoeuq
@2013-01-28 16:50:31
NS A records and nameserversNS A records and nameservers 5 bdoxxxslvo
@2012-10-06 07:16:25
2012156827420121568274 3 uksmdxlju
@2012-10-06 04:38:37

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