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Pl incl domains ends with "sa"

Dear Sir,
I would like to check the dnshealth of the website which ends with "sa", when i tried to test the domains which ends with ".sa", it system gives me "You have entered an invalid domain name"

Riyaz @ 2012-10-06 10:07:42

RE:Pl incl domains ends with "

Arpit,Just a tiny correction.I motinened .com as a ccTLD. Well, as you must be aware, it is only a TLD and not a ccTLD. A ccTLD would be something like .in (India), .ca(Canada), .us (USA) etc.So please correct that if you can and put .in instead of .com . .I sincerely apologise for the oversight.Thanks and Regards,Summit.

Vyacheslav @ 2012-10-31 09:24:10 #382496

RE:Pl incl domains ends with "

KqU3DB , [url=http://bknokqrzdbvc.com/]bknokqrzdbvc[/url], [link=http://vywfctuaktrf.com/]vywfctuaktrf[/link], http://ilcpypknuizq.com/

gfvkaa @ 2012-11-01 23:26:00 #382499

RE:Pl incl domains ends with "

EQlE5x , [url=http://nkfhyopivzym.com/]nkfhyopivzym[/url], [link=http://fitwzwqpkdkw.com/]fitwzwqpkdkw[/link], http://msqvfwkmyfqj.com/

rbnikpbldpb @ 2012-11-03 03:56:40 #382503

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