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Domain Health Check

You have questions about our Domain Health Check tool? Do you need help on those complicated dns configurations? Post your comment here!

Topic Replies Last post
"Invalid domain name""Invalid domain name" 0 Dave Bucci
@2021-06-24 17:13:11
Your test fails at your end.Your test fails at your end. 1 Stephen Peterson
@2016-03-24 00:52:21
Issues with .wtfIssues with .wtf 0 Tom
@2014-10-23 07:41:21
Mail server host nameMail server host name 0 Rian
@2014-05-13 22:31:25
I dont understand reverse...I dont understand reverse... 4 Linda
@2013-09-09 05:18:38
name servers do not respond...name servers do not respond... 4 Lia
@2013-09-08 16:53:09
Health Check for k12.tx.usHealth Check for k12.tx.us 3 Tiago
@2013-09-08 16:42:52
Incorrect Glue Records at...Incorrect Glue Records at... 3 cvixvm
@2012-11-03 03:49:32
Single point failure errorSingle point failure error 4 agbqcf
@2012-09-05 02:43:33
Same few problemsSame few problems 0 Vadim
@2010-12-16 00:47:33

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