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Top What is DNSQueries?

DNSQueries is the portal for system administrators related issues. It aims to be THE PORTAL where everybody can check their systems for problems. Providing accurate tests it assures a indipendent point of view on the network related issues.

Top Is DNSQueries free?

Yes it is!
Here at DNSQueries we know that, for the basic services (as domain health tool, dns query tool, and, in general, those tools to check out informations ) the income from advertising is enought to keep those services alive. Other value added services (such as dns providing) will be charged.

Top How can DNSQueries be free?

DNSQueries can be free because it has advertising on it. Without advertising all the developement of its services could not be done.

Top Why another network test related portal?

We grew up with a good example of what a network test suite can be. When this example became a payment site we thought about our 10 servers around the world and those 5000 users that used our web-email service. We wanted to learn more and so we began to develop this portal. Hoping it can be useful also for other people!

Top Why should i use DNSQueries?

DNSQueries can be two things:
  • The PROOF that everything works fine
  • The ALERT that something is not working
You can use the portal in two ways:
  • Monitoring
    You can always monitor the configuration of your web servers, checking them with the domain health tool, the dns traversal and the others test tools;
  • Checking
    You can also check the configuration of your web servers with your client, step by step, proving that the responsability for THAT issue is not yours!

Top How can i contribute to this project?

Contributing to DNSQueries.com is quite simple:
  • as an End User:
    you can report any issue you find using our services, via the forum or via the contact form
  • as a Developer:
    you can always ask for a developement documentation via the contact form
If you would like to send money, you must know that we don't accept donations, so please consider in buying services/products from our advertisers intead!

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Top DNSQueries.com does not accept my domain

Yes, it's true, it can happen that our system does not recognize a "strange" domain as valid (strange means an uncommon domain). This is usually because we have programmed the system to recognize domains in a set of extensions and all checks use this list of "valid domains". If you would like us to add a specific extension, please contact us!

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